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Santa Barbara Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Landscapes by Davids is here to help you to care for your landscape or garden.  As garden steward, we offer weekly service to help care for the health of your garden and to keep your landscape neat and clean.  Our courteous staff and excellent communication make garden care more enjoyable.  Let us share our expertise with you when caring for your landscape or garden.
We are horticulturists, so we know plants and their pests.  Our  garden services include pruning, weeding, feeding and pest control.  We are irrigation specialists and can provide assistance with irrigation monitoring and controller settings.  Keeping patios, walkways and driveway free of debris is included our weekly service.  

Landscapes by Davids uses all electric garden equipment for a more quiet and eco garden care experience!

Landscapes by Davids prefers using all organic garden products for safe and 
environmental applications!
Landscapes by Davids provides additional garden care services including irrigation audit, tree maintenance and one time clean up service.  

We provide a courtesy estimate for weekly visits or one time garden care.


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